Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to Akiba Studio

Akiba Studio was created as a means for me extend my creativity by reaching out to more people who enjoy taking pictures of their loved ones, be it their newborn baby, toddler, wife or husband. With the advent of digital photography and internet accessability, basically all of us have the power to share media, through pictures and videos. And with the ease provided by various Social Service Networks such as Facebook or Friendster, it's never been easier to update friends and relatives with the touch of a button. Through my services, I hope to encourage more people to start taking pictures, and eventually create videos and pictures to cherish them as precious memories. Thus, comes the creation of this website. And as the name implies, there will be heavy Japanese influences, which should be pretty distinctive as you go through the archive of videos and posters :)

「最後かもしれないだろ? だから、全部話しておきたいんだ。」

My Story. My wife loves taking photographs. She's practically armed with a camera where ever she ventures, and we've taken literally thousands of photos from our overseas trips, family excursions, and events. The breakthrough came when our daughter was born. The amount of photos she took requires a few portable hard disks, I kid you not. I decided to make good use of the pictures she took, and created initially just one video, but it grew to become quite a substantial collection, which showed my daughter's development, and documented just how much she's grown the past year.


Purpose. It's pretty simple actually. I just want to share whatever media I've created, not just of my family, but for other side projects which I might have in a way be involved in. Do check back often since I'll be uploading my work on a frequent basis. :)